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Welcome to SurveyPortal

With SurveyPortal you create top-quality questionnaires and analyze data from online surveys via 3 simple steps:
Creating the questionnaire

Guiding respondents to the survey by emails or by a link on a webpage
Producing tables with the results

You should always register your surveys on the intranet

You should address possible phishing attacks via online surveys by registering a few facts about the survey on the intranet before launching the survey.

When you use SurveyPortal, you will be reminded of this. You will also be prompted to mention in the e-mails, that the authenticity of the survey can be verified by viewing the Overview of surveys in progress in the intranet.

What is SurveyPortal?

SurveyPortal is created by Feldborg Informatik as a user-friendly tool for conducting online surveys.

If SurveyPortal is used for external surveys, there may be a fee depending on the size of the survey. Please contact Feldborg Informatik (leo@feldborg.dk) for further information.

How to use SurveyPortal?

If you are new to questionnaire surveys or if you are facing difficulties with your survey, you are welcome to contact Feldborg Informatik for support. This support is free charge.

If you are a new user, please click on Get started to sign up for your personal account.

Do you need help?
If you need help, you can contact our support team by telephone or by email.

SurveyPortal is hosted by Feldborg Informatik, www.feldborg.dk. Feldborg Informatik has developed survey software for more than 20 years.